171 Classmates/104 Guests/275 People Total

*Designates Married To A Fellow Classmate 


*Bob Anderson

 Keith Anderson and wife, Mary

Terry Anderson Gilleland and husband, John

Carolyn Andree

*Patty Arbuckle Carr

Dorothy "Dot" Aston McNair and husband, Kin Voirin

Carolyn Barham Kniess

Kay Bass Chapa and husband, Ernest

Pam Barnes Sitler and husband, John

Warren Bassham and wife, Anita

Victor Belfi and wife, Kendra

Jerry Billingsley and wife, Vi

Harold Black and wife, Nancy

Tomi Blackburn Oliver and husband, Arnold

Jimmy Blankenship and wife, Deena

Brenda Boyd Blair and husband, Harold

Judy Britton

Kay Broday Patrick

Nancy Broday McDermid and husband, Charlie

Charles Brooks

Robert Burnam

*Herby Carr

"Dee" Ellen Cates Silva

*Sandy Cecil Molock and 2 guests, Andrea and Bill Sudderth

Virginia Chance Beck and husband, Tommy

Jimmie Chaney

Marilyn Churchman Lagesse and brother, Doyle Churchman

Diane Cohen Drago

Sammy Copeland and wife, Carolyn

 Susan Cox Wainscott and husband, Tom

Judith "Judy" Crudup Hart

Laura Marilyn Davis-Moore

Linda Deatherage Taylor

David DeCuir and wife, Claudia Borowski

Rose Marie Deffenbaugh Wolfe and husband, Lynn

Philip Dixon III

Joe Dobry and wife, Sherri

Sharon Downend Howard and husband, Jerry

James Downing

Nan Edsell Myers

Tom Elam and wife, Pat

Bronson Evans

Sherry Eyer Ferguson

Carol Feather Parry and husband, George

Luella Foreman Cook

Mike Fortado and wife, Avis

Connie Fox Wilson

*Jerry Franks

Karen George Garver and husband, Richard

Helen Jane Gillum Werst and husband, Allan

George Gilman and wife, Charlotte

Dave Gleeson and wife, Sharon

Diane Goolsby Sullivan

Suzanne Gordon Ketcham and husband, Pat

Marilu Grace Burns

*Carol Gray Nowell

Robert "Bob" Gray and wife, Joan

Don Greer

Jimmy "Jim" Gross and wife, Phyllis

Jesse Gutierres

Judith "Judy" Hagerbaumer Mulhollan and husband, Jimmy

*Sammie Hamlin Franks

Pat Hammond and wife, Jane

Joe Haralson and wife, Rene

                          Tommy Harbison and wife, Marilyn                          

Susan Harder Russey and husband, Bob

Charles Harrison and wife, Sue

Haila Harvey and significant other, Ted Herburger

William "Bill" Hauptman

Carol Henderson Wade and husband, Jack

Mike Heskett

William Hiller and wife, Mary

"Mary" Sue Hodges Askew

Carol Anne Holcomb Riddle and husband, Bill

Bobbi Rhe Holder Stringer

Ben Horst

Richard Humphrey and wife, Jo Ann

*Karen Huper Anderson

Hank Ireland and wife, Melody

Tommy Johnson

Harry "Frank" Joiner

Glenn Jones

Jay Kemp and wife, Gail

Tanya Lantz Gowins

Mike Laughon and wife, Sharon

Rosemary League Tidwell

Harla Ledbetter Carpenter 

Janie Lindsey Grimes

Mark Linn and wife, Mary Kay

Linda Lippincott Thomas

Linda Loggie Riner and husband, Al

Judy Love Waddle and daughters, Tommie Edmison & Amy Brodnax

Eddie Majewski and wife, Jane

Phillip Malone and wife, Judy

Gretchen Mann

Mike Marley

*Jois Martin Ross

Raymond "Ray" Martini and wife, Sharon

Janie Maxfield Crane

Keron McAlister Sachen

Marcia McCormick Stanford

Lowell McCracken and wife, Donna

Glenn McCune

Judy McGaughey Hart

Daniel McShan and wife, Stella

Mary Meadows

Sondra Mills Blattman and husband, Dick

*Joe Molock

Denzil "Denny" Morrow and wife, Rita 

Mike Nelson and wife, Kathy

Linda Norris Cobb and husband, Jerry

Orley North and wife, Robin

Carol Norwood Scott

*Burl Nowell

Pat "Patty" Payne Mahlstedt and husband, Bob

Robert Peterson and wife, Janet

Pat Pettit Lauck and husband, Ted

Robbie Phillips Travis

Freddy Pink

Beverly Prince Sloan and husband, Jerry

Ruthmary Putman Powers and husband, George

Bill Presson and wife, Nan

Ronnie Raben

Carolyn Rea Atkins and husband, Jim

Sally Reasor Null

Don Rector

"Jim" Jimmie Reed

Elaine Reichert Walbrick and husband, Johnny

Jerry Ritter and wife, Dianna

Sue Ross Ripley and husband, Dick

Dan Roberts

Robbie Robertson

Pam Roenfeldt Mero

*James "Alan" Ross

Linda Rounds Meyers and husband, Frank

Hugh Ruggles

Michael "Mike" Scott

Dana Shaw Howden

Garrie Lynn Short Jackson

Jean Skierski Brown and husband, Rex

Charles "Jerry Small and wife, Sharon

Loyd Smith and wife, Ruby

Becky Stath Smith and husband, Walter

Harold Smith

Susan Stayton Pinkerton

Tina Stevens Sosebee

Roland Stewart and wife, Lavonne (hopefully)

Marilyn Svajda Valentine and husband, Bill

John Tatum and wife, Ann

Nina Taylor Fancher and husband, Arley

Alan Terrill and wife, Joe Ann

Paul Thomas

Glenn Tole and wife, Linda

Pam Trout Jardine

Julie Ullrich Mabry

Randall Van Loh

Janice Vogel Wood and husband, Bill

Harold Walker

Janet Walker Thoele

Kenneth Walker

Robert "Bobby" Walker and wife, Donna

Terry Walker and wife, Robbie

Phyllis Wallander Gilliam and husband, Jim

 Jeanie Watson

Garland Weeks

Gracie White Roper and husband, Joe

Carol Whitson Dollar and husband, Bill

Jan Williams Denson

Curtis Willis

Janette Wineinger Hoover and husband, Jimmy

Johnetta Wood Courtney and husband, Marion



Laura Lou Denman

Martha Fain

Phil John

Carole Johnson Woessner

Billie Kadane Kirby

Sally LeBus

Henrilu Taylor Smith


Morris Mercer

Tom Shaw and wife

Carol (Russell) Wagner and husband

Herb Marvel and daughter (possibly just for social)